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Photo Highlight
Mike in Water World
Mike Scuba diving
at the Outdoor Show
November '04
If you have a picture you would like to see posted of the front page let me know through the contact page and I will provide an email you can see the photo too.

The email accounts can be accessed through the WebMail link in the upper right corner of this page. Check out the help link once you get to the WebMail page. You will find some helpful additions like the calendar and event alerts through your email account.

If some pages look partially complete, it is because they probably are, I work on the site when I get a chance.

They say it's your Birthday...

Sam K, May 18
Mike K, May 13
Shannon K, May 7
Kathrine Onatah B, April 29
Megan K, April 25
Faith K, April 12
Lynn M, April 10
Allie H, April 9
Sonja K, April 7
Matt K Jr., April 3
Martini K, March 23
Morey B Jr., March 12
Al J, March 2nd

Matt K Sr., February 15
Norma K, February 7
Nathan K, February 6
Hannah K, February 1

Margaret J, January 20
Amie K, January 11
Pete K, January 5

If you do not see a birthday that should be on this list, let me know and I will post it..

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